It’s been a whirlwind week!!

Wow! When it rains it pours! We’ve had lots happen this week, mostly good, but some scary moments too. It’s probably easiest to digest by topic: We sold one of the gliders! I got contacted earlier this week that someone was interested in my glider. I’ve had a few folks express interest over the lastContinue reading “It’s been a whirlwind week!!”

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the… artichoke blossom.

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in starting a new chapter of one’s life. In America, we are all raised with the value that it is virtuous to be goal-oriented and be successful at a career, raising a family, and accumulating wealth, to name a few. We see the “somebodies” of the world asContinue reading “Sometimes you have to stop and smell the… artichoke blossom.”

I’ve Never Lived in a Finished House

The rush to prepare the house to sell has begun, and I am again starting to feel the crunch as we realize we have quite a bit about the house that’s been left undone that now must be finished quickly. This is my third rodeo, and Ed’s second, of selling a house and having toContinue reading “I’ve Never Lived in a Finished House”