Discomfort is an Effective Teacher

…but not a very pleasant one…. Ask me how I know this!  Experience.  I seem to continue to torture us with upwind sailing.  Some of this is due to our destination being in a direction that is not entirely cooperative with the weather, but it’s primarily due to my inexperience with marine weather and navigation. Continue reading “Discomfort is an Effective Teacher”

We are Bahamas Bound!

Hello friends and family from Fort Lauderdale, FL! We have been hard at work getting our boat and ourselves ready to sail to the Bahamas. At least the weather has generally been sunny and warm. I’ve found myself thoroughly enjoying wearing shorts and sandals in February!! It is such a delightful treat after living inContinue reading “We are Bahamas Bound!”


The determination to reach a destination, combined with hazardous weather[.] https://www.aopa.org/training-and-safety/air-safety-institute/accident-analysis/featured-accidents/epilot-asf-accident-reports-get-there-itis, retrieved November 9, 2020. Get-there-itis is a term well known in the aviation community. I’m unsure on whether it is a term sailors use. If not, it is a term the sailing (boating or yachting) community should include in its lexicon. Ed and IContinue reading “Get-there-itis.”