Happy First Anniversary Serenity!

Today marks a major milestone for Ed and me: it’s been one year since we officially became owners of our live-aboard sailboat.  When we jumped into this adventure, we committed to cruising for at least one year before making any decisions on whether to continue on or sell the boat and return to land life. Continue reading “Happy First Anniversary Serenity!”

Enjoying our Stay in George Town

Hello from Elizabeth Harbour near George Town, Exuma! Ed and I have been anchored here for nearly three weeks which marks the longest stay we’ve had anywhere on the boat. The scenery and community are awesome, but we are itching to move along to something else as soon as the weather allows…hopefully next week. ElizabethContinue reading “Enjoying our Stay in George Town”

I Learned About Sailing from That.

We got incredibly lucky. Ed and I almost got to the end of an error chain that could have very likely ended in his death. I apologize up front for starting with an austere tone, but we just learned some VERY important lessons that I am morally obligated to share with as many people asContinue reading “I Learned About Sailing from That.”

Riding out the blow at Black Point

And FINALLY getting to Georgetown. The Exumas, and Bahamas in general, is a windy place. While this is awesome for living a fairly insect-free existence, weather is always a concern for moving the boat or finding a good anchorage. Monday, March 8, found us picking up anchor near Staniel Cay and moving further south toContinue reading “Riding out the blow at Black Point”

Staniel Cay and neighboring cays.

Hello family and friends! Our next stop along our southerly stroll in the Exumas was Staniel Cay…sort of. We actually anchored a little bit north as we primarily had west winds to contend with for the week, and Staniel Cay is exposed to the west. We made a short motor down from Compass Cay asContinue reading “Staniel Cay and neighboring cays.”