Meet the Aaron Clan!

The best way I can sum up our family is we are sort of a mash up of the Brady Bunch, Modern Family, and Arrested Development. Vanessa and Ed first met in 2013 at their soaring club…yes, as in gliders. We finally tied the knot in 2016 bringing four kids from previous marriages. Ed’s kids have all reached adulthood, and Vanessa’s son now lives with his dad during the school year, and will sail with us during school breaks.

We sort of turned into empty-nesters in a hurry and found that we wanted to live our life very differently than we had been. Ed has long had a love of sailing, and Vanessa is right at home doing all kinds of crazy adventures. We are also hoping this journey will be a fantastic education for all of us as we make our way around the world and experience many different cultures.

Meet the Full-time Crew


Also goes by V. V was raised in the high desert of California, and thus boating was not apart of her upbringing. She was well into adulthood before ever setting foot on a sailboat. She has long been an airplane, seaplane, and glider pilot, and formerly worked as an Air Traffic Controller before attending law school to become a lawyer. V hopes she can find a way to establish a law practice while fulltime cruising, but it may have to wait until the sailing adventure comes to a close…whenever that will be…perhaps never!


Ed was raised in Atlanta and surrounding area. Ed is an engineer by trade, and after working for a few companies in various locations around the world started his own business. He has since sold the business, worked as a consultant for a couple of years, and retired when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Ed has also long been an airplane and glider pilot.

Meet the Part-time Crew (AKA the kids)


Nick is our resident fencer and fisherman, and the oldest of the bunch. He is currently pursuing an engineering degree in California, and will hopefully visit us from time to time as his schedule allows.


Natalie is a former competitive gymnast and currently pursuing a chemistry degree in the U.K. She is set to finish her degree soon, and trying to sort out what is next in life for her. She’s adamant about not returning the U.S., so I guess it’s a good thing our new floating home will be elsewhere most of the time!! Natalie probably will pass on crewing with us on passages, but will be right at home on a tropical island with a nice cold beverage!


But his friends call him Mike. Michael is giving the working world a try for awhile while he sorts out what life has in store for him. He is looking forward to being a snowboard bum in Wyoming this winter (free season pass!!) while he works at one of the ski resorts there. Michael has aspirations of becoming a sailing captain, so we expect we will get lots of help from him on passages. Michael can also keep us entertained in the middle of the blue desert with his guitar!


The youngest, but most animated, of our crew! Ian is currently in the fifth grade and attending school at his dad’s house in CA. Ian will stay with us on the boat during those times when school is not in session, but the learning won’t stop there! He isn’t too sure about living on a boat yet, but once he sees how many fun things we can do, we know he will settle right in. Ian will also be super helpful as our sous-chef and first mate!

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