It’s been a whirlwind week!!

Wow! When it rains it pours! We’ve had lots happen this week, mostly good, but some scary moments too. It’s probably easiest to digest by topic:

  1. We sold one of the gliders! I got contacted earlier this week that someone was interested in my glider. I’ve had a few folks express interest over the last few months but nothing ever materialized. I sort of figured this time would be another repeat and didn’t get my hopes up when I sent the prospective buyer a bunch of photos and maintenance history. I was ecstatic when I received an email the following day that she (the buyer) would take it. Ed and I were really starting to sweat what we would do if we couldn’t sell any of our two gliders. They are not exactly something you want to give away, they are aircraft after all, but the cost to store them plus not being able to keep up on maintenance would have likely forced our hand to donate them. We might face that eventuality with the other one, but it helps immensely to get at least one of them properly sold.
  2. We are under contract to purchase a Leopard 46!! We saw a listing pop up on Yacht World earlier this week. We liked what we saw, and asked a few questions via our broker. We were satisfied that the condition of the boat was generally as advertised and promptly made an offer. We had a little bit of back and forth over price and closing dates, but got it figured out within a couple of days. I will first say that it might not be the greatest idea to put an offer in on a boat, sight unseen, but after viewing a number of boats, we are sure this is the model we want. We do have the option to back out if the survey turns up anything gnarly.
  3. Speaking of survey…we are headed back to Florida in a couple of weeks for the survey and sea trial. Travelling by plane sucks right now…but…oh well.
  4. We started the remodel on our house! We’ve been demo-ing this week, which is my favorite thing to do. I always enjoy helping with this part. I think I threw the work crew for a loop when I kept picking up debris and hauling it to the dump box. We’ve estimated that about 3/4 of the debris in the box (and it’s big) is stuff I carried down to it. Hey, it’s really good exercise. I did also get to rip up a few things too (it’s very therapeutic for me). Many hands make light work, and I am VERY invested on this project remaining on schedule. Next week is framing, and I love our framer. He is the kindest soul, and a joy to have around. For those of you in Portland, Vlad Lukyanov is the best.
  5. Oregon is literally on fire, and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it here. My step-son, Michael, has been living at his mom’s house because half our house (including all bedrooms) is not habitable. They live in Lincoln City and had to evacuate because of the wild fires. They are thankfully safe, and her house has been spared. Michael has been camping on our couch for the last couple of days, but it sounds like they are headed back tomorrow since the city is not under threat anymore. We were sad to learn that his mom’s friend lost her home to the fire.

As I’ve been writing this, I’ve also been partially engaged in conversation with Ed and Michael from the other room. The boys got on the topic of technology and how it affects our lives, and Michael said something very insightful that I think fits with the theme of the adventure we are about to embark on:

Technology doesn’t make our lives better, it makes our lives easier.

Michael Aaron – age 17

Easier does not always mean better, and better does not always mean easier. Better is better, and easier is easier. I seek better, not easier. This week has had its challenges, and putting this huge shift in our life into play has had its challenges. I am finding my life is better, I am having more happy days, but it is not easier. I expect to be challenged in ways I can’t imagine, and I can’t wait to see where the wind takes us.

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